03 1 / 2013



by Alec Ash

As with dog years, so is it with China years – one here is equivalent to several in America and Europe. When it comes to pace of change, no one else holds a candle really. The Chinese just fit more in. (The velocity of change is evident everywhere, as per the above photo taken inside one of China’s new superfast trains.)

I returned to China after two years away. It’s like leaving London shortly after the millennium and coming back for the Olympics. Recognizable, but look closer and you notice all the new things.

It’s the same with people. In two China years someone will have moved town three times, burned through as many businesses, got married, had a kid, got divorced and become incredibly fat. Meeting old Chinese friends feels like like lunch with a schoolmate after a decade.

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i need to go back to China, live in the cities and rural counties to experience and witness all that have been changed. 接接地气~~

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